Equestrian and Medieval Skills Ithra

The Barony of Stromgaard is hosting an Equestrian and Medieval Skills Ithra http://www.ithra.antir.sca.org/idisplay.php?topic=classes&it=5330&

The Barony of Stromgaard is hosting an Equestrian and Medieval Skills Ithra on August 7-8, 2004. We've got a great lineup of classes and I'm writing to encourage folks to register for these great classes! Registration is available at:

The site is Amboy Territorial Days Park, 21400 NE 399th Street, Amboy, WA 98601.

From the North, take I-5 to exit 21 (Woodland/Cougar). At the light turn left, get into right lane, turn right at the second light, and follow signs to Amboy. Go across the bridge and take a left at the "Y". Follow Cedar Creek Road for approximately 11 miles to NE Munch Road, turn right. Go approximately 2 miles to 4 way stop. Turn left onto NE Grandtham Road. Follow this for 3 miles to the Amboy Territorial Days Park. Site is on the left.
From the South on I-5, take exit 21 and turn right at the light, follow above directions from the 2nd light. Amboy is approximately 20 miles from I-5.

If you would like to bring a horse, please contact the Site Autocrat, Mistress Miranda Faoltiarna (Miranda Brothers)

Most classes will have NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION as teachers need to prepare their materials/handouts before the event! It would be best for all students to register in advance in order to assure their spot. Registration forms and payment MUST HAVE A POSTMARK NO LATER THAN SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2004. Check or money order should be made out to "SCA, Inc. University of Ithra," and mailed to the Registrar, Shelly Taranoff

The list of classes is:
Achaxe Ek Auchatae - Achaxe's Applique Advice,
Introduction to Felting
Aeschine Gearranach - Basic and Advanced Horse Grooming, Medieval Garb for Horses (barding)
Anne Marie d'Ailleurs - Tourney Cooking
Aradia di Benandanti - Soapmaking
Ciaran Cluana Ferta - Adv. Court Heraldry, Adv. Field Heraldry
Edward Ean Anderson - History of Beekeeping, Practical Beekeeping (being held off-site)
Gorandookht Mamigonian - Medieval Knitting in the Middle East
Ilaria Veltri Degli Ansari - Leatherworking
Joseba Heritzalde - Alcoholic Beverage FUNdamentals, Alcoholic Beverages of period and period technique, Mead, Wine: The perfect beverage
Mira Alegira - Men's Middle Eastern Dance, Women's Belly Dance
Miranda Faoltiarna - Riding Practicum
Nicoli Grendal Gornych - Basic Blacksmithing, Hanftaffle. norse chess game,
Introduction to Beer Brewing
Qada'an Nachin - Sekanjabin
Saewynn Silfrhrafn - Falconry: An Overview
Tiernan Mor Dal Cais - Hurling, its History and Play
Togrul Guiscard - Equestrian Games and Related Equipment
Togrul Guiscard & Miranda Faoltiarna - Equestrian Appreciation

If you prefer a paper catalog, please write to oriana@thekidders.com

In service,
Oriana of Myrtlewood
Chancellor, Rivers Ithra