[CAI] Practicum of the Sword VII

Practicum of the Sword VII is soon upon us. Come celebrate its 7th "Birthday" on Saturday, March 16th and Sunday March 17th of 2013.

This year we are again meeting in Boulder City, approximately 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas. We look forward to partaking with friends of a variety of classes. These will focus on sword combat in SCA armored, unarmored and rapier forms, with an eye on the historical use of the weapons and other matters of import to the well-rounded swordsman and swordswoman!

Lunch is provided in site fee Saturday, and a donation lunch will be available on Sunday.

Saturday evening in honor of St. Patrick's Day there will be food and time to visit and swap stories, songs and meet new friends.

We will have classes from a variety of instructors. William Wilson, Duke Guillaume and Duchess Felinah, Sean Clark of La Fratellanza della Spada, (Sir) Jarl Rorik Galbraith, Ozurr Conradsson, and Koga Takashiro Kagehiro are just a few who are already working on classes for the weekend.Check periodically for a complete listing of the class schedule with times, class descriptions and instructor bios, site fee, location specifics and other pertinent information at the Baronial website.

Location: 1204 6th St., Boulder City, NV 89055
Site opens: Saturday, March 16th 8am
Site closes: Sunday, March 17th 5pm

**Revel: Saturday at 6:30pm on site (no charge)
Site Fee: $15 Adults. Please remember there is a $5 non-member surcharge.

Make checks payable to : SCA Inc., Barony of Starkhafn.
Event Steward:
Don Antonius Teasel
Please contact the event steward at practicum@starkhafn.org

Lady Rhua Cat Ifrinn