[WES] Cynaguan Winter Investiture

Please come and celebrate the Investiture of the Lord and Lady of the Swan, Thors Stagge and Eowyn! Plan to spend the day with us in fellowship and merriment.

There will be an Arts and Sciences competition of Winter Ailment recipes, Hoods and Mantles, Gloves and Mittens and a Copper Spoon competition of Savory Dish and baked Sweet Dish (any culture or time within our period, documentation required). Page School will be available with activities for children. The main hall is very comfortable, so bring your handwork and enjoy the warmth. Itinerant period musicians and singers are most welcome.

There will be a 16th Century Dutch Feast which promises to be both delicious and popular, so purchase your tickets with alacrity. ACCEPS is available after January 1st!

Masonic Lodge
228 Palm Ave.
Woodland, CA

10 am - hall opens.
10pm - hall closes.

$10 for adult members, $15 for non-members and the WKWC will be available, children under 17 accompanied by an adult parent are FREE.
(Thank you, Masons, and thank you, populace, for keeping our relationship so friendly and allowing us to pass this generosity on!)

Autocrat: Sciath inghean Airt
email: Scat_the_Ranger(at)Yahoo(dot)com
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