House Staghold to Host Bardic Festival at Estrella War

Rialto: A household in Atenveldt will host its second annual Bardic Festival and competition, featuring four performance categories, at Estrella War 2003. Lord Malcolm of Staghold writes:

Milords and Ladies,

Announcing the second Staghold Olde World Bardic Festival to be held at the 2003 Estrella War! This competition will include all interested participants wishing to present performances in four different categories: storytelling, vocal music, youth and open performance. Competition will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, February 14th.

Original and filked period-related literature will be accepted. A time limit of 5 minutes per musical/performance selection and 10 minutes for recitation/storytelling will be used. Groups will be permitted, but only one prize will be awarded per winning performance. Three separate judges will be used to determine the winners. A maximum of three prizes in each category, depending upon the number of participants, will be awarded. Participants must be present at the awards ceremony following the festival to win.

Contact Alphonse Marsarius de Castronova aka Spellsinger at: to register for this event.

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