[MER] Jour d'Amour

The Shire of Drakenmere cordially invites the people of Meridies to our eighth annual Jour d'Amour. Based on King Henry V's ghostwritten St. Valentine's Day poem to his French princess (while he was conquering France), our 2013 theme is The Flower of Courtesy. Valentines and warriors - what's not to like?

This day of love will take place 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 with outdoor rapier and heavy weapons, as well as comfortably warm indoor classes, solar and (I hope) scriptorium, and definitely a feast and revel.

Happily, we have two full kitchens, so expect an excellent English-themed feast and a yummy Forth Castle-sponsored fund-raiser lunch. We anticipate games of many sorts both outdoors and indoors. Merchants are welcome; please pre-reserve so we can plan your space accordingly.

Location - Honey Bowen Building, Statesboro, Georgia, on the edge of Memorial Park. Daytrip fee - $8 adult/$5 child. Feast fee - $8 adult/$7 child.

Lady Rosamond Playfayre, Autocrat
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