Teachers and craftsment needed for Gulf Wars Artisans' Row

Mistress Elizabet de Ross, Artisan's Row Coordinator for Gulf Wars, is in search of instructors and craftsmen for the upcoming 2013 War.

Mistress Elizabet writes:


Would you like to teach or host an A&S event in Artisan’s Row at Gulf Wars? If you would like to teach, hold a meeting, or do any sort of cool art-science things at Gulf Wars this year please take a few minutes to let us know your ideas so that we can get them scheduled.
You can see the schedule for Artisan's Row classes on the Artisan's Row Page:
Class Schedule (Right now it is looking sad and lonely please send us your classes!)
How to submit a class/event – three Options:
(from the Gulf Wars Website)
Option 1 – Fill Out the Online Form:  http://tinyurl.com/GWclasses2013 [Google form]
(Best if you are teaching 1-3 classes, requires you to fill out contact information each time.)

Option 2 – Download and Return an Excel or Word form:
Download either of the documents below, fill them out, and return them via e-mail to classes@gulfwars.org or the appropriate area coordinator.  (Best if you have more than 3 classes, or the online form won’t work for you.)
·         Excel: http://tinyurl.com/GWclasses2013ubmissionXcl
·         MS Word: http://tinyurl.com/GWclasses2013submissiondoc

Option 3 – Contact us to chat:
If you are new, unsure, have a large or unusual project, or prefer not to submit digitally - contact artisansrow@gulfwars.org, or any of the area coordinators via e-mail or classes@gulfwars.org todiscuss your class/A&S event plans.  Be sure to include the best way to contact you (phone, e-mail, etc.) and when, etc.
As always, if you have already submitted a class/event, and you need to cancel or change it, PLEASE notify the area coordinator or class coordinatorclasses@gulfwars.org immediately.
Please feel free to cross post this message.

Thank you!

Mistress Elizabet de Ross
Artisan's Row
Gulf Wars