[EAL] Septentria 12th Night

Once again the venerable Baronies of Skraeling Althing and Septentria are joining forces to celebrate 12th Night with the help of Ealdormere's newest Shire, Bastille du Lac.

Please, come and join us, as we celebrate the good things in life and enjoy the company of our friends.
Township of Tyendinaga Recreation Hall
363 McFarlane Road RR#1
Shannonville, ON
K0K 3A0

Site opens at 11:00am
*Please note, this is different from what was printed in the Tidings. This is the correct time for site opening.

Site closes at 10:00pm

Site fee:
Adults: $10.00 (KET included) plus NMS as required
Children under 12: $5.00
Children 5 and under: free

Feast fee:
Adults: $15.00
Children under 12: $7.00 (must pre-register. There will be no children feast prices available day of the event).
Feast pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Please make cheques payable to "SCA inc. Canton of Greyfells"

There will be no lunch available at the site. Please make your own arrangements.


  • Bardic Competition: Skraeling Althing and Septentria both have long histories full of good people and proud moments. : Creating songs, poems, stories etc about our Baronies is an excellent way to inspire those around us, to keep the memories alive and to pass away some of the long winter hours.
  • And for this 12th night the bards (or those who just want to participate anyway) are challenged to create and perform songs/poems/stories/etc about the Baronies. However, since it is 12th night after all and things tend to get somewhat mixed up, we feel that the bardic challenge should be no different.
  • Therefore, those members of Skraeling Althing are challenged to write about Septentria and those Septentrians are to write about Skraeling Althing.
  • Class on Heraldic Banners: Class by HE Percival
  • Games
  • A different sort of A&S tourney

Event Steward and Reservations Steward:
Posadnitsa Xristina Viaceslavova

Feast Steward:
Bethoc ingen MaelFechin

Allergy Liason:
Dafydd ap Alan
*All allergy issues should be directed to Dafydd as soon as possible in order to make accomadations.

Site Directions

Township of Tyendinaga Recreation Hall
363 McFarlane Road
RR#1 Shannonville, ON
K0K 3A0

Take your best route to the 401
Exit at Shannonville Rd (Regional Rd #7) and go North
Turn Right onto Lazier Rd
Turn Left on McFarlane Rd

Note: Shannonville is between Belleville and Napanee.