The Treasury provides a wide assortment of artist-made reproduction and historically inspired jewelry and dress accessories. The owner-artist, Eirny Thorvaldsdottir, O.L. (Irene Davis) combines decades of experience as a mixed media artist specializing in metal and lamp-worked glass. Artist-made reproduction glass beads, pendants and buttons are available, as well as pearls, coral, silver beads, gold-filled beads, and stone, bone and wooden beads. Cast and hand-fabricated items are made from Sterling Silver, Bronze, White Bronze, and Lead-free Pewter. Wire work includes Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Gold-filled, Nickel Silver, Red Brass, and Copper.

The cultures represented in the shop include Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Roman, Greek, French, English, North African, Persian and many others. SCA Regalia is available in intaglio, chasing and repoussé, cast metal, and enameled metal.

Semi-custom and custom pieces available upon request, including larger pieces, such as collars of state, girdles, household badges, and coronets.