Three elevated to Pelican at Adamastor's Yule

Her Majesty Aryanhwy, Queen of Drachenwald, reports that She has offered elevation to the Order of the Pelican to three of Her subjects. The announcements were made at Adamastor's Yule.

Her Majesty Aryanhwy writes:

This afternoon at Adamastor's Yule tournament, it was my great honor and pleasure to elevate three deserving gentles to the Order of the Pelican: Mistress Mairi Jean, Mistres Katherine Percival, and Mu'allim Garsiyya ibn Ibrahim ibn Sulaiman al-Qurtubi.  These three have been stalwarts of the Shire since its earliest days, and have provided similar long service in support of the kingdom.

Aryanhwy, regina et pro rege