[ART] Bronzehelm 12th Night Celebration

Light a candle and greet the new calendar as we host the 30th Anniversary of this wondorous event here in our Shire. Indoor combat aplenty will decide the new champions for the year ahead in both the armored and rapier arenas. We will also have a new Bardic champion chosen during dinner.

Activities will include heraldry, games and classes for children and adults, and socializing with new and old friends from near and far. We will be graced with the presence of Crown Prince Daman and Crown Princess Veronique, who may ask for Court time at their leisure.

Bring your coins for a fun and exciting and never before seen Kingdom fundraiser from your local and Kingdom heralds. Any funds raised will go towards the Kingdom Herald's office for new reference material. It has been a decade since any new books were purchased.

Feast will be taken from the pages of Platina, so a Roman bounty is to be expected from the best cooks our Shire has to offer. We expect that the tables will be filled with hungry folk around 6:30 p.m.

Fees are as follows: Adults and children aged 13 and over: site $5.00, feast $7.00 Non-member surcharge of $5.00 applies for site fee only Children aged 4-12: site $3.00, feast $5.00 Children aged three and under are welcome guests of the Shire Family Cap: Site only $20.00, Site and feast $45.00

Feast reservations appreciated by December 10, 2012, pre-payment not required. Please make any checks out to the Shire of Bronzehelm, SCA, Inc.

Site: First Congregational Church, 301 N 27th Street, Billings, MT 59101. Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at 11:00 p.m. Volunteers for clean-up greatly appreciated! Merchants are very welcome - after the holiday season, we should all be wanting some new trinkets to add to our finery!

Site steward: Baroness Shauna - shauna@bresnan.net Event steward: HL Thorkatla - jefkatem@yahoo.com Head Cook: Mistress Caointairn - caointairn1@bresnan.net Cook's Second: Mistress Isabeau - isabeaumiller@yahoo.com For all combat questions, please contact both Lord Geoffrey at jefkatem@yahoo.com and Sir Til at til_lucky@hotmail.com