Scots celebrate rediscovery of David's Tower

For centuries, the 100 ft. (30.5 metre) tall David's Tower dominated the skyline of Edinburgh, Scotland until it was destroyed during the Lang Siege of 1573. Long forgotten, the demolished tower was rediscovered in 1912 and feted today, 100 years later. (video)

The history and secrets of David's Tower, as well as other "lost" structures, are the subjects of a recent BBC article and short video narrated by Pauline McLean.

Nick Finnigan, executive manager of Edinburgh Castle said: "David's Tower is a fascinating part of Edinburgh Castle's history. It provided a secret hiding place for Scotland's Crown Jewels during World War II due to fear of invasion and also witnessed the infamous Black Dinner of 1440 after which the Earl of Douglas and his younger brother were accused of treason and then beheaded."