[WES] Yule

Welcome, one and all to our Annual Celebration of Midwinter Solstice and Yule!! Join us for a day of warmth and merrymaking as we fend off the terrible cold outside.

There is space for dancing and both heavy and rapier fighters to play (although perhaps not all at once). This will also be a continuation of the ongoing round-robin cribbage tourney. If you have one, please bring a banner so we may include it in the hall decorations.

To keep active minds busy, there will be fondant available for kids of all ages to sculpt decorations for the dinner tables. And competitions! We must have competitions! The Autocrat's Whim is for edible subtleties. For A&S, it's ornaments. And for the enjoyment of all, there will be a bardic competition during dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we will have a marvelous potluck, as is traditional. Please bring a dish that will serve about 8, and bring a card that lists the ingredients. (Or track down Ellisif the Food Wrangler, who will have cards available). For those poor unfortunate souls who missed Michaelmas Feast, this is your chance to partake of a few of those dishes.

After dinner will be the also-traditional Gift Exchange!! Please bring a wrapped gift that your persona would be happy with.

Site Information: site opens at 11 AM and closes at 9 PM. There is no site fee, but donations will be happily accepted to replenish the sorely depleted baronial coffers. We will be gathering in the Exhibit Hall in the Civic Center of Pioneer Park located at the corner of Airport and Peger Rd. The Civic Center is the large round 3-story building in the center of the park.

Autocrats: Hallbiorn at parrish@mosquitonet.com, Dagmar at bayca27@yahoo.com , and Ellisif at ellisif3@yahoo.com