Caelin on Andrede's BAM 2012 photos

Caelin on Andrede reports that he has created a large album of photos from Bordermarch Autumn Melees which took place recently in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. The photos are available on Flickr.

Caelin on Andrede writes:

Feel free to use them for any non-profit, SCA use as long as you attribute them to Caelin on Andrede, Richard Threlkeld, or Betsy Marshall. For other uses, please contact me at<> or<>.

The ones uploaded are slightly lower resolution than the RAW version I have. If you want one modified, let me know. If you really hate one of yourself or your children, let me know and I will remove it. If you especially like one, pleas comment. If you especially don't like one, please comment. Comments help us better meet your needs in the future.

We will furnish photographer's releases to those who need them, but you are on your own for models' releases.