[EAS] Quintavian Hafla

Greetings to the fair Kingdom of the East. Let it be known that the Shire of Quintavia is again opening its doors to host our annual Hafla. 

This year the Hafla (Definition:  Middle Eastern Party) will be an evening event. There will be much music, dancing, eating and general merrymaking. The food is always delicious, the music fantastic, and the dancing beautiful.

Doors open at 4pm, and music and classes will start by 5pm.  A delicious supper will be available starting around 5:30pm.  This event is always a fun gathering, and this year in particular with our Queen having a particular fondness for dance and a great new site, it promises to be even more fun.

Merchants themed to the event are welcome (please contact the merchant coordinator)
Site Opens: 4pm
Site Closes: 9pm
Event Location    
Center School
403 Great Road
Stow, MA  01775

From the South, West, and North:

From rte 495, take exit 27 to rte 117 East.  (i.e.  if you had been traveling North, make a LEFT turn, and if you had been traveling South, make a RIGHT turn)

Travel on rte 117 East for 4.7 miles.  Center school will be on your left hand side.  There are TWO parking lots at the school.  There is one off rte 117 on your left hand side.  There is another in case that one is full...  go further down 117, go left at the fork and left again at the stop sign, and the parking lot will be on your left.  If you miss the fork, make a left at the lights, go straight through the stop sign, and the parking lot will be on your left.

From points East (hello, Carolinigia!) you have several options:
- take rte 117 West (that is Main Street in Waltham).  About 30 minutes West of Waltham, you'll cross the intersection in Stow (the one with traffic lights) and the school will be shortly on your right.
- take rte 2 to rte 62 West.  Rte 62 will merge with rte 117.  When you get to the traffic lights where rte 62 turns left, go straight and the school will be shortly on your right.
- from points further South in Carolingia, please consult your local maps.
Event Fees    
Site : The event is donation only.  Dinner is $7.

Feast: $7.  No reservation deadline.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc., Shire of Quintavia
Contact Information    
Event Steward:
Rozi Galea

Send Reservations to:
Theresa Giani

Other Contact Information:
Merchants please contact Theresa Giani