[ATE] Twelfth Night

With winters coming, the nights have gotten longer and colder. Come it in this warm place and rest. Close your eyes and image a gathering of friends and family listening to music and watching others dance, while others are having a good time with period games.

See as we gather for a play while we have warm drinks. The Court of the Crown as they sit in the radiance of the Aten sun. Was this a dream or was this real? Come to 12th night to see for one self.

This wonderful event will be held at the Boys and Girls club on 4730 W. Grovers Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308. The site will open at 4 pm and closes at 10pm.

Site Fees: Adult Member with proof $10.The adult non-member $15. 17 and under are free.

This is a dry site and service animals allowed.

Event Coordinators:

Master Ritchyrd McUath, OP: masterritchyrdmcuath@gmail.com
Lady Safaya bint Ahmet ibn Abdullah: ladysafaya@yahoo.com