Lochac Chooses New A&S Champions

Lady Katerina da Brescia, Lochac Arts & Sciences Minister, has announced the results of the recent Kingdom A&S Competition.

Lady Katerina writes:

Greetings all.

Kingdom A&S competition results.

Performance, storytelling:
The winner was Lady Genevieve the Wanderer from River Haven (story and mime of Persephone). Second was Master Stefano d'Urbino of St Florian (Arabian nights story).
Lord Giles Leabrook told the Chronicles of the Rulers of Lochac (style of epic Norse poem) and has been commanded by the Queen to compose and perform this at their first court.

The new award of 'Event Champion' was unaminously given to Lady Hunydd verch Maddyn Duy. For an embroidered Elizabethan swete pouch. Unanimous decision by the judges.

Firstly I must thank William de Tosney for running the Midwinter Kingdom A&S competitions as I could not attend. I also thank the judges for their timeand efforts. It was sad to see that, though I had many enquiries about competition entries, that many of the competitions did not have enough entries to go ahead. Competitions are scheduled to mid next year already. Details of upcoming competitions can be found on the A&S website http://www.sca.org.au/artsandsciences/ This should allow enough lead time, for artisans to complete projects. Many groups also have workshops based on upcoming Kingdom competitions. Competitions are also regularly posted in Pegasus.

Special thanks to the Judges:
Triptych: Comtesse Mistress Nerissa de Saye, Mistress Baroness Glynhyvar of River Haven and Mistress Acacia de Navarre.
Swete Pouch and Performance: Mistress Baroness Glynhyvar of River Haven, Mistress Acacia de Navarre and Mistress Margie of Glen Moor.

There were 4 competitions scheduled for Midwinter. Only one had enough entries to run.
Fans - no entries
Triptych - one entry
Swete Pouch - two entries
Performance, storytelling - three entries:

Unfortunately there were 2 unfinished triptyches (?) that were not entered into the competition. Though it is preferable to have finished items entered, this does not mean you cannot enter an unfinished item.Though an unfinished item will obviously not score as well, in some areas, this is at least on opportunity to get feedback from judges.

I am hoping the new 'Event Champion' will encourage more people to send in entries, even if they do not feel there will be enough entries for a competition. If more people do this, then there will be enough entries!

Let us all show our King and Queen what we can do...... and all of the Known World what we can do!!!!

If you have any questions about A&S or the Kingodm A&S competitions please contact your local A&S Officer or myself.

Lady Katerina da Brescia
Lochac Arts & Sciences Minister