Jarl Jon the Tall victorious in Gleann Abhann Crown List

Mistress Barbara Sterling offers a detailed report on the recent Crown List for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Mistress Barbara writes:

And now come words from Mistress Barbara Sterling, who as Populace and Historian did witness the Sixteenth Crown List of Gleann Abhann. With the date of November 10, 2012 AS XLVII the event was hosted by the fine Barony of Grey Niche just five days past the Kingdom’s Seventh Anniversary of becoming the Society’s nineteenth kingdom. From the list of thirteen acceptable and able to compete this day brought finals between Sir James the Holy and Jarl Jon the Tall. The strength and great length of arm of Sir Jon had felled many knights this day and James would be the last.

Surely true that Jon was inspired in His endeavor by Countess Beatrix de Montecassino. She had ruled with Jon I in the kingdom’s tenth reign and staged the day’s procession before Their Majesties Rey et Miriel, who sit the Gleann Abhann Aries Throne.  But likely there were others who inspired Jon this day, fighters, populace, peers.  He gifted a special token to the consort of each opponent but always had His most well-chosen words for Lady Viktoriya Philo and Baroness Emma del Trees who he honored this day.   As in the previous Crown List, it was Emma who stood in the finals as Jon’s consort.   Jon’s victory claimed for Him and Emma the Crowns of the Gleann Abhann Prince and Princess.

For Prince Jon and Princess Emma, Awe Hail Gleann Abhann.

Publisher's note: The above article was sent to us by Mistress Barbara as a correction to our earlier article on this topic in which we misunderstood some of the pertinent information. We regret the error, and we thank Mistress Barbara for this corrected information, with which we have replaced our original article to avoid confusion.