[DRA] Fortuna's Champion IX

Fortuna is roaming Carnival in search of her champion. Join us for a weekend of game playing and revelry to see if she favors you!

The Shire of Isengau once more invites all comers to take part in a weekend of period games in a spirit of friendly competition to identify Fortuna's new champion. After the games are over, stay for a feast and dancing.

Carnival is a time of reckless abandon, so come abandon yourself with us!

Jugendhaus St. Anna
Holnsteinallee 20
85402 Thalhausen (near Freising)

Site opens Friday 18:00 and closes Sunday 12:00

There are beds for 48 people. Please bring indoor shoes and bedsheets, no sleeping bags allowed.
Smoking is limited to certain areas.
The site is discreetly wet. Drinks other than wine must be bought from the site.

Pickups can be arranged for a small fee (1 EUR each way) from Freising train station and Munich airport.

Event Stewards:
Ælfwynn Leoflæde dohtor
Ellina Vintdenwürvel


Weekend (all meals and feast):
Adult: 36 EUR
Child (under 10): 24 EUR
Email the reservations steward for price info for infants and small children who do not require their own bed.

Day trip:
Adult, no feast: 10 EUR
Child, no feast:  5 EUR
Feast fee for daytrippers: 7 EUR

Euro area residents must pay in advance to secure their reservation.
Daytrippers who want feast must register in advance.

Due to site restrictions we cannot accept weekend reservations after January 28th. Cancellations after that date will not be reimbursed.

Full weekend fee includes traveler's fare on Friday, breakfast, lunch and feast on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

Allergies and other food restrictions should be sent to the head cook.

Head cook:
Mary Cristin de Pembroke

For more information and online reservations see website below.
Questions or reservations can be sent to reservations@isengau.info.