[DRA] Flaming Arrow VI

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Shire of Glen Rathlin is proud to announce that it is once more hosting Flaming Arrow. We are running it again as a full weekend full of fun archery shoots, good food and merriment.

The site is Cladagh Glen Scout Centre, Marble Arch Road, Co. Fermanagh

Site fee which includes all food and a bunk bed is £25* (bring your own bedding). Please make cheques payable to “SCA Northern Ireland” and send to the autocrat. Reservations must be confirmed with full payment or 'flight/ferry booking confirmation' within 4 weeks of booking for the event. Also, if anybody has any special dietary requirements please make the Head Cook aware of them. Please note the site is very discretely wet.

Dates: 26th to 28th April 2013
Autocrat & Marshal in Charge: Pól Ó Briain
E-mail: FA_Autocrat@GlenRathlin.org

Head Cook: Lord Nemet Arpad
E-mail: FA_HeadCook@GlenRathlin.org

Times     Activty
17:00     Site Opens & setup
17:00     Archery Training/Classes/Kit Repair
09:00     Kit inspections / Range setup
10:00     Field Shoot
13:00     Lunch
14:00     IKAC
16:00     William Tell/Poppin Jay Shoot
17:30     Feast setup
18:00     Feast
22:00     Merriment
09:30     Kit inspections / Range setup
10:00     IKAC
13:00     Site Tidy up
16:00     Site closed