[MID] Christmas Tourney XLI

Barony of the Flame presents Christmas Tourney XLI on December 15, 2012
Welcome to Flame's Christmas Tourney.  Once again, its time to gather up toys & coats for the Baron's toy tourney.

Schedule of events
Start Time     Activity
9:00 am     Site Opens
10:00 am     Merchants open / Authorizations & Inspections begin
11:00 am     Tournment Begins / Lunch Tavern Opens / Children's Activiete Begin
2:00 pm     Lunch Tavern Closes
3:00 pm     Classes Begin
5:00 pm     Evening Court - At the Whim of Their Majesties -
6:30 pm     Feast Begins
9:00 pm     Site Closes

As I prepare for Christmas Tourney I am looking for teachers who are interested in instructing classes. Any and all persons are welcome to teach. Please feel free to contact me at: Lady Maiosara Mistress of Arts and Sciences for the Barony of the Flame.

Class list

  • Mistress Bianca will be teaching a class on Christmas cards, a brief history and how to create your own, which includes using calligraphy and/or illumination.
  • Baroness Camilla, freshly back from London will be offering 2 classes. The first is: All indecent! 15th century linen underwear from Lengberg Castle, East Tyrol, Austria. Otherwise known as "the period bra class". Fresh from the fall MEDATS textile seminar. The second class is entitled: 15th & 16th century linens, evolutions in cut. New info from one of the co-authors of Janet Arnold's shirts & smocks book.
  • Lady Emer Atain will be teaching a beginner nallbinding class. She will be teaching basic stitches and has space available for about 6-8 students.

Youth Activities
Our youth have the opportunity to learn period tasks and activities this year. We will be offering a range of activities that are designed to teach about history and inspire participation in the arts and sciences. We have several teachers who have graciously agreed to provide instruction. Class will include: spinning, carding wool, beginning drop spindle, viking whip cord braiding, butter making, tassel making, soap making and an archeological dig, rubbing plates, drawing/coloring, with the possibility of more activities to come. All of these are perpetual classes, so youth will have the chance to explore as many of these activities as they choose. We encourage parents/guardians to also partake in these events, as we firmly believe learning is a life long endeavor and a family activity to boot.

Begin Time: 11:00 AM
Mistress of Children: Lady Arite Sauromatis

Note: As always children must be signed into/out of Youth Activities. We ask that parents who are able donate a small amount of their time to assisting with activities. Activities must be for a limited time only, due to other demands on the time of the very kind volunteers who are running them. Youth Activities end promptly at 2 PM, please do not make us hunt you down to return your offspring. We will first give them a double shot of espresso, chocolate, and a puppy or kitten of their choice. We also have someone working on Christmas donkeys, but sadly can make no promises.

Christmas Tourney XL Tournments
The Christmas Toy Tournament:
This will be a standard single elimination tournament. The cost is one toy donation to fight and an EXTRA life can be had by bringing in a child’s coat.
Entry fee: One toy,
Extra “life”: One child size coat.
Marshall of Arms: Ingram Von Atzinger

The Rapier Torunment:
The format will be a challenge round robin with one free do over. If time permits after that there will be a doubles mini melee. A toy donation is needed to enter and an EXTRA life can be had by bringing in a child’s coat.
Entry fee: One toy,
Extra “life”: One child size coat.

Armour inspections and autherizations in the morning starting at 10 am tourney following at 11.
Marshall of Rapier: Jeff Limer

Youth Fencing Tournament - the format will be a simple pool tourney, and youth fencers will have the chance to spar with any youth-authorized adults who are present.

Event Steward:: Lady Eleanor von Atzinger
Event Steward's Hand: Emer Atain Red fox of Skye
Royal Liaisons: Baroness Jessmond von Atzinger
Merchant Steward: Issabella Oger of Bucky
Feast Steward: THL Keely the Tinker

Site Fees
Adults – $10.00
Youth 6-17 – $5.00
Feast: $10.00 See the menu & post your reservation here
Children 5 and under are FREE
(SCA Non-Member Surcharge: $5.00)

Site Location:
Pritchard Community Center
404 South Mulberry Street
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 369-8406