[DRA] Games for the Throne

When the days become longer, when the nights are getting cold, when even the King may take a rest from his journey, it is all about having a good feast and to enjoy some games. As there is winter and summer, day and night, light and darkness, there will two groups of people competing, symbolized by the colours of the King’s game: black and white.

Everybody who will compete for the evenings treasure has to bring something to fill the treasure chest. Everybody has to join a colour. At the end of the games everybody is allowed to take something out of this chest, the winning colour first.

Items to put into the chest may be old or new, self made or bought, useful or beautiful or even tasty. May it be a bottle of mead, a ring, a nice book you don’t need anymore, a little game or other things – be creative.

Friday: Herrnleis 22, 2126 Ladendorf, Austria
Saturday: Herrnleis 5, 2126 Ladendorf, Austria
Sunday: Herrnleis 22, 2126 Ladendorf, Austria

Site opens: at 15:00 on Friday, and closes at 11.00 on Sunday.

Event fee (including feast):
Weekend: adult € 20,00 / kids (age 6 to 13) € 15,00 / kids (0-6) pay nothing
Day tripper: adult € 15,00 / kids (age 6 to 13) € 10,00 / kids (0-6) pay nothing
Non-members surcharge: € 5,00
Hotel prices are not included.
Some crash space will be available within walking distance.

Reservations are valid on payment.

Event Steward: Arnulf der Zeilner E-mail: schandmail-feiert@yahoo.de