[MER] Kingdom Fighters Colligium

Fighting!  Classes, melees, and pickups galore! Armour inspection opens at 9AM on Saturday. We will run some warmup exercises and melees to get everyone moving. And then, at 11AM the classes start.

Tenetive class schedule:
Provided by Sir Valdimarr

11:00:00 AM - Engagement & Combat Communication
11:30:00 AM - Melee Tactics, Wulfhere & Robert
Range, Chinua
12:15:00 PM - Shield & Spear (working together) , Ulrich & Malcolm
Polearm, Iazzie
1:00:00 PM - Crossover - C&T, Morgan
Greatsword - Wolfgang
1:45:00 PM - Footwork, Cona
Assessing your opponent, Seth
2:30:00 PM - Body Mechanics, Boru & Wulfstan
Shield Manipulation, Rodger
3:15:00 PM - David & Goliath, Caspar & Kenneth
Lefty & Righty, Caius & Samuel
4:00:00 PM - Next level, Seth
Pell work, Samuel

Feasting!  Our Sol Haven version of medieval BBQ!
Feast will include: BBQ Pork, smoked chicken, mac and cheese, roasted red potatoes, BBQ beans, corn on the cob, Brunswick stew, and pie for desert. For those who choose to eat "below the salt", you'll get yours in a to-go box without potatoes or beans.... or pie.
We have space for 80 above the salt and 40 below the salt.

Hope to see many of you soon!
James de Lyon