[LOC] On Ilkla Moor

On Ilkla Moor, is a specialist campfire cooking event, where we will re-create ancient recipes using authentic techniques.(And by "we" we mean you too!)

Most of the food will come from local farms.  The event covers Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday breakfast for those who camp on site.  If you would like to camp onsite but don't have a tent we can provide one for you.  Bedding by arrangement or else bring your own.

This year we have fat geese, young rooster and possible venison.  

When:  Saturday 1st December, 2012

Where:  Cockatrice Farm,  76 Barkers Lane Yarra (Canberra side of Goulburn)


Members $20
Non-members $25
Concessions half price
Children under 14 Free

To Book  email rhysh@webone.com.au

Just a note for those of you in Sydney and its surrounds, a City Rail ticket to us will cost $8 each way.