[WES] Winter Coronet and Investiture

As the cold winter winds of the Arctic take hold, Their Highnesses Varyag and Trava, Prince and Princess of Oertha, invite one and all to bear witness to the selection of Their Heirs by right of combat and Their Investiture the following day.

There will be a Roses Tourney for both heavy and rapier fighters after the Selection of the Heirs.

The A&S contest is Heraldic Display in Any Mode. Entries must be new or not previously entered in a contest. Examples are scrolls, tabards, table settings, clothing, jewelry, wood boxes, etc. If you aren't sure of an item, please feel free to contact an autocrat or any A&S officer. Last Winter Coronet had 17 marvelous entries and some very creative ones! As heraldry can be used in so very many ways, this is a great time to make something fun and new for yourself or perhaps even a gift. Documentation showing period examples will garner extra points, and documentation can be as simple as a picture from an illuminated manuscript or as complex as a research paper. Don't let it scare you; let it be a creative "jumping-off" point instead.

His Highness' Whim is the performance of an ORIGINAL bardic piece (song, story, or poem) which depicts battle and creatively glorifies violence.

Her Highness' Whim is for Shortbread Cookies. These will be judged upon taste, presentation, and documentation.

The Autocrats have a whim for Banners! Personal, household, baronial, principality, kingdom or other, which should also be new or never entered in a competition before.

Site information: Dimond Center Suite 230 (the old library on the 2nd floor), 800 East Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK  99515. Site is open from 10am Saturday to 6pm Sunday. Doors will be locked with security on staff overnight, but valuables should not be left. Lunch of soups and finger foods will be provided Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Site is very discreetly wet.

Site fee: adults $15 (plus $5 for non-members), children 5-15 are $5, and under 5 are free. Family cap $40. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc.-Principality of Oertha.

Driving directions: Take the Seward Highway to the Dimond exit. Turn west down Dimond Blvd. Turn left at the Dimond Center Dr. Turn left into the parking lot (by Olive Garden). Best parking for closest access to site is by American Eagle. Take escalators upstairs, and the site is directly ahead. There is access to an elevator for heavy items.

Nearby hotels: the Dimond Center Hotel (http://www.dimondcenterhotel.com) is across the parking lot from the site. Nearby restaurants & dining: in the mall are Olive Garden, Subway, Famous Wok/Umi Sushi, L&L Hawaiian BBQ, Charley's Steakhouse, and more. Outside the mall are Gallo's, Red Robin, Haru Sushi, and Sicily's Pizza.

Autocrats: Anna di Caterina Neri, annahnarie(at)gmail(dot)com AND Syr Viresse de Lighthaven, wingedcup3(at)yahoo(dot)com