[WES] Feast of the Appreciative Populace

The Feast of the Appreciative Populace will bring together larger elements of The Feast of the Immaculate Conception which began in the seventh century to honor the day Mary was conceived. Attendees are invited honor all Ladies instead of one specifically. 

Autocrat’s Whim is “Ladies in any mode.” As Spain has been historically regarded as the most fervent country to honor the Immaculate Conception, the A&S competition will be pre-1600 Spanish celebratory dishes. Documentation and hard copy of recipe are required.

Torchlight processions were essential, so, we will alight the Eric just before dusk for rapier displays of prowess.

Bardic theme: celebration of New Life, Ladies and the elements of Winter.

All off island guests are encouraged to contact either the autocrat or seneschal immediately to make accommodations.

Site Fee(s):* None*

SCA Name: Tama Katerina Evstokh’eva
Email: tamfogleATgci.net