Four new Midrealm Peers at Harvest Days

At Harvest Days, in the Marche of Winged Hills in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon, Their Majesties Savaric and Julianna welcomed four of Their subjects into the Order of Chivalry and the Order of the Pelican.

At a lovely 4-H camp near the town of Pleasant Hill, Ohio, SCA folk met for a weekend of fun, food, and fighting on September 7~9. Saturday's martial activities featured a Tournament of Chivalry, a "tavern brawl" melee with mock props, and the creativity of artisans plying their crafts and trades. Everyone worked up an appetite, which was sated Saturday evening with a marvelous feast.

At Their Majesties' morning Court, THL Lancelin Peregrinus and THL Francesca de Onorati were each called forward and invited to sit their vigil and join the Order of the Pelican. Both were to give their answer at evening Court. Boris Movila and Peregren the Lost, having been previously placed on vigil for Chivalry and Pelican, respectively, also sat their vigils that day.

At evening Court, Boris Movila was summoned forth, and was invited to trade his squire's belt for the chain and spurs that both adorn and burden a Knight of the SCA. Distinguished gentles told of the courtesy and valor of Boris, and he accepted the accolade of Knighthood.

Many spoke of the long decades of service to Winged Hills and Flaming Gryphon by Lancelin, the exemplary service and devotion of Peregren the Lost in multiple kingdoms, and the outstanding service of Francesca as kingdom Calendar Secretary, event steward, feast steward, and local Seneschal. All three candidates gave their answer in the affirmative.

Congratulations to all four, for these well-deserved honors earned in long years of service to their Kingdom and their local groups.

Linked below are information on the event and the hosting group, plus four photo albums from the event.