Robin Hood Land?

The city council of Nottingham, England and a private concern are at odds over plans to construct two major attractions honoring Robin Hood in Nottinghamshire. The city hopes to revamp the Nottingham Castle, while Discovery Attractions wants to build a UKĀ£13m theme park near Edwinstowe. (graphic)

Plans for the park include a visitor center, interactive shows and a jousting arena. Locals worry that the area would be unable to sustain two large attractions. Neville Stankley, from Nottingham Trent University, said, "If they are set up correctly and they can create a virtuous circle of interest then the potential is that they could both work. But the immediate question for the Sherwood Forest centre is how does it sustain itself out of the summer - in the summer it will have lots of interest and numbers but how to sustain that through the winter?"