Last Chance: Estrella War XXIX Site fee PAID

Lady Germaine Sylverbyrd  of Astarte Imports/Germaine's Games is looking for assistance for set-up and tear-down at Estrella War XXIX.

Lady Germaine writes:

I am still seeking help for Estrella War XXIX.   Being partially disabled I require this assistance to be able to attend the war.

I am seeking  ONE (1)  able bodied person to assist with the unloading, set-up and tear-down, re-loading of a merchant pavilion and merchandise.  

For set-up, you need to be able to arrive on site, Monday (February 25, 2013) at 12 Noon. For the tear down, you will need to be available, Monday (March  4, 2013). This person should be able to assist me on both days and be at least 18 years old . As compensation for your help, you will have your entrance site fee paid and a 15% discount on all Astarte merchandise.  

Interested persons contact me at : astartenarghiles  at  myway  dot  com - before November 15, 2012. As I have only limited weekday internet access, this is the email that I check daily.

Without this much needed help, I will not be able to attend Estrella War.

Thank you so very much!
Lady Germaine Sylverbyrd  of Astarte Imports / Germaine's Games

P.S.  Please cross post this missive to other lists within the Kingdom and on Facebook, as I am not on them all. THX!  L.G.