SCA BoD considers changes to the NMS

The October 29, 2012 blog entry in the East Kingdom Gazette, Baroness Leonete D'Angely discusses proposed changes to the SCA's Non-Member Surcharge. The report resulted from a discussion at the October 27, 2012 Board of Directors meeting in Boston.

From the article:

During the SCA Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, October 27, the Society Treasurer asked for a policy interpretation on a loophole in the Non-Member Surcharge. Groups had contacted her regarding a practice of not charging site fees to non-members, so that they could benefit from the policy that those who are not charged a site fee do not have to pay the NMS. (Point 4 of the NMS language, see below for full text) These groups were, in effect, charging members to be at their event, but not charging non-members.