Estrella War: Merchant Fee Reduced

Mistress Eden Blacksmith, Estrella XXIX Merchant Coordinator, has announced that merchant fees for the War have been reduced.

Mistress Eden writes:


I hope all is well in your world. We have just had some fantastic news from the Estrella War Financial Committee:  Merchant Fee has been reduced by half!   Now it is only $5 a foot!  Food Merchants is $7 per foot (frontage). All Booths go back 30 feet.

Along with that we are have:

•    Moved Merchants to the grass
•    New Deadline:  11-26-12
•    Free Parking for Merchants
•    Charging station
•    Free Site fee for Merchant, one alternate payment and up to 4 helpers at special rate.
•    A staff that is dedicated and ready to serve

Please, contact me for the  Merchant Registration Packet
I look forward to working with you. Please, share this good news!


Mistress Eden Blacksmith,OP
Estrella XXIX Merchant Coordinator