Celtic Sheep and Garter Raids

Sheep and garter raiders in Drachenwald beware! Your raiding days may be numbered!

A plague is upon us!  Upon return from Nieblungen, we have discovered the Sheep Raiders have struck again.  While the Alliance and Meadowmarsh were battling at Nieblungen, the Sheep Raiders descended upon the lands to the south.

In a bout of greed, the Sheep Raiders of Drachenwald have begun stealing garters from unsuspecting maidens.  Sheep and garters are disappearing everywhere.  Garter industry suffering from increased demand!  No stockings are safe!  Can nothing save the delicate legs of Drachenwald maidens from exposure?

We plead with the mighty fighters of Drachenwald to come and help rid us of these brigades.

The Shires of Drachensheim and Vielburgen invite the populace of Drachenwald to help in bringing these rogues to justice at Celtic Sheep and Garter Raids.  We shall gather on 30 July - 1 August, 2004 at Neidermanderscheid, Germany.

There will be heavy and light fighting, archery, and A&S competitions.  Prizes will be awarded.

The A&S competition will be challenging this year - so prepare

This year we decided to do something a little bit different from your regular A&S competitions. Come and show the populace of our wondrous Kingdom what you can do. Single persons or Teams (maximum of 5) will have a maximum of 24 hours (6pm Friday - 6pm Saturday) to complete an A&S project on site. Entries can be in any Drachenwald recognized A&S category. No preparation, marking, cutting, etc (except for washing/dying to size material) can be done prior to 6pm on Friday. Documentation is a plus, but not required. All materials must be inspected prior to entrants starting their project. There will be an Adult Division and Youth Division (Under 16).  Any questions concerning this competition, please contact co-event stewart Lady Ann Busshenell.

Further details can be found at http://www.vielburgen.com/celtic/celtic.html. Those desiring to help rid our Kingdom of these Raiders can register on-line at the above Web Site.

Event Co-Stewards:
Muranda Sondraâ's Daughter (Kayte Truax)

Lady Ann Busshenell of Tylehurst (Stevie Dorrenbacher)