First Pennsic Cryptogram Solved

The first of  a set of cryptograms from Pennsic has been solved.  Sir Ephraim ben Shlomo (Middle) successfully deciphered one of the puzzles to reveal the text on the flyer of the original May Day Party.

A set of three encoded messages  were included as part of the "Cryptology in the Middle Ages" class taught at Pennsic XLI by Suleiman ibn Da'ud ibn Sahl al-Qalqashandi Efendi (Outlands).  These puzzles, or cryptograms, were all based upon various methods of encryption used during period.

The first one was a set of number pairs emblematic of book ciphers used by monks in the Middle Ages.  Deciphering it involved using a key derived from the names of the sitting kings of the known world.  Sir Ephraim noted that it was  "a fun puzzle. I'm glad I worked through it."

There was additionally a hidden message in the first cryptogram.  This, too, was discovered by Sir Ephraim.

Still unsolved are a cryptogram based upon a cipher developed by Leon Battista Alberti and a cryptogram similar to the cipher used by Mary, Queen of Scots.  Clues to each of the puzzles were provided in the class and in the Pennsic Independent.