Sniper Kills Ansteorran in Iraq

An article from the Austin American-Statesman reports that Second Lieutenant Brian Smith, a former Austin, Texas lawyer known in the SCA as Friedrich von Konigsburg, has been killed in action in Iraq.

Smith was the commander of a tank crew, and was shot by the sniper while inspecting the vehicle's treads for damage. He had left a successful law practice to serve in the military, and had been in the Army since June 2003. He was deployed to Iraq in January as a platoon commander in the 1st Battalion of the 34th Armored Division.

In the SCA, Friedrich was a citizen of the Baronary of BrynGwlad in the Ansteorra. does not have information yet on any memorial funds or charitable efforts being organized in Friedrich's memory; if we receive word of such efforts, we will publish the information in a follow-up story.

The link attached to this story goes to the full text of the article at the Austin American-Statesman. Registration (no fee) is required to read the full article.

Photo tribute on NY Times web site includes Brian Smith

This week, the number of American service personnel killed in Iraq passed 1000. The New York Times has a tribute to our fallen soldiers, with a photograph of each of them (as available). Brian Smith appears in this photo tribute.

Another story link "Soldier was fascinated by war Services are Saturday for McKinney native who was killed in Iraq" 12:48 AM CDT on Thursday, July 8, 2004 By TY ALLISON / The Dallas Morning News (copyrighted text deleted from this post by Justin)

I haven't read the orginial a

I haven't read the orginial article to see if the error lies there, but he was a 2nd Lt and much to low in rank to command a Battalion. He actually commanded an Tank Platoon(4 Tanks) that is part 1st Battalion/34th Armored Division.

Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the correction. I've fixed this in our story.