[MER] Magna Faire 2012

The Barony of Iron Mountain invites you to join us in an exotic voyage as we travel to distant lands to enjoy the customs of the trip and the destinations! We will travel the unpredictable waters and throw out our anchor in hopes to learn art & culture from all over the world. And possibly run into a few sea monsters.

Along with the always challenging Magna Faire, there will be lots of fighting, games, classes, a fantastic feast and Barley Bog revel! Traveler's Fare on Friday night and a fund raiser lunch on Saturday. Site opens Friday at 5 pm, and closes Sunday at 10 am. Site is DRY.

This year's Magna Faire Special Entry Category will be: Travel.

Duchess Katrina of Iron Maiden will be making an appearance and entertaining our guests during feast with song......

Lady Fleur has planned an amazing ball with dance from all over the world.

Their Royal Majesties will be holding a Curia!!

It's gonna be FABULOUS! Reserve NOW!

Camp Woodmen of the World • 450 WOW Road, Blountsville, AL 35031

For more Faire information and Magna Faire Rules click on the event website below.