SCA gear stolen in Atlantia

Asta knarrarbringa reposts that her trailer containing SCA gear was stolen October 18, 2012 in Florence, South Carolina.

Asta writes:

Came home today to find a thief had helped himself to our trailer and everything that was still on it!  I HATE thieves!!!It was a black flatbed trailer about 8x10 with low sides. There was a tarp on it a big blue Tupperware box with a 20x20 yellow & white striped pavilion in it (no poles), a green 10x17 day shade, 2 white folding tables, 2 dark stained star gazer chairs (1 with my arms on it), my kitchen counter, tons of cast iron, King Kooker smoker, camp stove top, 3 folding chairs, and god only knows what else...

This was stolen from my house sometime this morning in broad daylight in Florence, SC. If anyone has any information or sees anything like this on Craigslist, Ebay, etc PLEASE contact me at

~Asta knarrarbringa