[AET] Kings Crossing Birthday B(r)all

The Shire of Kings Crossing cheerfully invites you to come and celebrate our Birthday B(r)all on October 27, 2012 at the BARBUSH-LANGELOTH MUNICIPAL Center, 1421 LANGELOTH ROAD, LANGELOTH, PA 15054 (NOT AT REGULAR KINGS CROSSING EVENT SITE).

The site will open at 10 am and close at 9 pm. Classes will begin at 11 am and will be announced/continue all day.

The Fencer and Heavy Fighter who enter the Crossing Guard Tournament who has the highest number of wins, best dance score and gaming score will be named the Crossing Guard Champion!  The events will consist of the following.....


Heavy Weapons Tourney - Speed Tournament
Fencing Tourney - Speed Tournament
Dancing Event - Gallery Judged Set of dances
Gaming Event - 9 Men Maurice

Fighter Inspections begin at 11am - Fighting begins at noon with a bear pit and pickups after the Competiton.

The Gaming and Dancing Tournament/competition will begin after all other martial activities have been completed.


The 3 competitive dances will be taught throughout the day so everyone has a chance to learn them
A ball prep class (to teach the dances to be done at the ball) will be taught from 3-5p. Anyone can ask Lord sionn the lost or Lady Arlee to teach the ball dances anytime during the day, if they are available.

Dance partners from the attending populace for the competitors may be needed and would be appreciated
The dance competition will be judged by all Gentles attending the competition by acclaim (applause meter)
There will be a ball immediately following the dance competition, consisting of 3-4 sets of 5 dances each .

Several members of the debatable consort will provide live music for both the dance competition and the ball
For those of you who want to prepare beforehand for the competition/ball, here is the set list our musicians will play:
Competition dances: war bransle, black almain and amorosa

Set 1, black almain, black nag, new boe peep, rufty tufty, picking of sticks
Set 2, war bransle, official bransle, washerwoman's bransle, charlotte bransle, maltese (SCA) bransle
Set 3, amorosa, petite riens, anello, lauro, gracca amorosa
Set 4 (optional), sellenger's round, hyde park, ly bens distonys (long version), gathering peascods, rostiboli giosoa

We will need Lords and Ladies to be a part of the dance gallery, to help us judge who the best dancer will be.

At 2 pm in the kitchen there will be "Bring you medieval recipe sample" which will be then be discussed by those attending. This will be hosted by Baron Master Creador and Lady Daria.

Thrown weapons will start at 3pm.

While you endeavor to exercise your body and or mind, recharge with our all day side board. Lady Daria of Danegeld Tor mentored by Master Creador is going to delight you with their culinary skills. Sideboard will be from 12:00 until 6 pm. If you have any dietary concerns, please contact Lady Daria directly at Daria_Mcp at gmail dot com.

During the day there will be a heraldic consultation available for all those who want advice on creating or registering period names and devices/arms.

At 6pm the prize winners will be announced by our Seneschal Sven Tyrvisson and Autocrats Willehalm Bärenjäger and Nandi of Kings Crossing.

If you are interested in teaching a class or being a merchant, please contact Lady Nandi (Danielle Volkar) email: peasant at anykindawear dot com,

Site Fee per Person (Includes All Day Sideboard) :

Adult - $10.00*
Child (13-17) - $5.00*
12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult
Family Plan - $30.00*
*Non-member surcharge - $5.00 per person

The Autocrats for this event are Willehalm Barenjager and Lady Nandi of Kings Crossing
Lady Nandi can be contacted by email sent to "peasant at anykindawear dot com"

Reservations clerk is Katryn of Ayre



From the North: Take the ramp onto I-279 S to Merge onto I-376 W. Take exit 60A to merge onto US-22 W/U.S. 30 W toward Weirton Continue to follow US-22 W. Take the PA-18 exit toward Florence/Burgettstown. Turn right onto PA-18 S, turn right onto W Pittsburgh St, Take the 1st left onto Race St. Continue onto Langeloth Rd Destination will be on the right.

From the South: Head north on I-79,keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-70 W/I-79 N/Washington, PA and merge onto I-70 W/I-79 N Continue to follow I-70 W. Take exit 17 toward PA-18/Jefferson Ave ,turn right onto E Wylie Ave. Turn right onto Jefferson Ave. Take the 3rd right onto PA-18 N/Henderson Ave Continue to follow PA-18 N. Turn left onto PA-18 N/Burgettstown Rd. Turn left onto W Pittsburgh St. Take the 1st left onto Race St. Continue onto Langeloth Rd. Destination will be on the right.