[ATL] Lochmere Mid Winter's Revel

In the year of 1576, Their Excellencies of Lochmere called upon Gli Zelanti, The Zealous Ones, to perform at their court. The next year, Gli Zelanti traveled through the Bright Hills rendered them captured. It is believed that the ransom demand is from the Huguenots. If Their Excellencies had wanted to see more than the heads of their beloved actors, they had better release all the Huguenots currently imprisoned and pay 10,000 gold florins and 50,000 silver.

Baron and Baroness of Lochmere complied. Their Excellencies send out invitations, inviting one and all to their great hall for the evening
performance of Gli Zelanti upon their freedom. The church, however, shakes its head for it is such troupes that teach scandalous shenanigans.

Address of Site St. Martins in the Field church 375 Benfield Road Severna Park, MD 21146 Site opens at 9:00 a.m.

Reservations - Please send them to Duchess Simone de Barjavel Sarah Toich

Arts and Sciences Competitions. For adults and children, populaces of all ages are encouraged to participate, novice and open display.
1. A Mask competition based on Commedia
2. A puppet competition
3. Baronial Bling Competition held by Avice
4. Performance Competition - all performing artists (individuals and ensembles) to participate in the Popular Choice Performance Competition as well as a non-competitive performance showcase Performance pieces may be from any SCA period, genre, and/or region. Documentation is encouraged, but not required. Each performance should be no longer than 15 minutes; more time may be allotted depending on the number of performers.

Event Steward Lady Madeleine Rose de Cardeville