[MID] Regular Event in the Cleftlands

When the Thames froze over during Queen Elizabeth's reign, London's lords and knaves made merry on the ice. Okay, we live closer to the Cuyahoga River than to the Thames, but the urge to laugh at the cold is just as strong.

Join the Barony of the Cleftlands at our Regular Event, a day of chivalrous feats, a merry masque, child-friendly foolishness and a mouthwatering Tudor feast. Consider this your invitation to Regular Event 2013: Gloriana's Frost Faire January 12, 2013

Medina County Community Center
735 Lafayette Road
Medina, OH 44256


Heavy combat
Youth combat and Rapier

A&S and Revels:
A&S Display
The Needle Nook (fiber arts open house)
Magic Carpet Kavehane (bardic coffeehouse)

Tudor-themed feast
Breakfast and Lunch Taverns


Youth Point