[ATE] Fiber Frivolity III

From warped loomatics to those who prefer spin out of control and every fiber enthusiast in between, I look forward to this third iteration of Fiber Frivolity.
The first two Frivolities were awesome, and now I am going for Totally Epic.

Bring your curiosity and knowledge, looms, wheels, needles, hooks, lucets, sticks, kumihimo, and any equipment you desire to the Orchard Ranch RV Park Activity Rooms for a fiber salon environment where we casually practice, teach, and learn fiber arts techniques from those who practice, teach, and love to learn.

Hosted by Lady Eleanor Peregrine
Saturday, November 17, 2012
10:00 – 5:00

Free event - No site fee
No garb unless you really want to.

Rumor has it that Baroness Mistress Eirny will be teaching Sprang!

The activity rooms surround a central court yard. Felting will be permitted, but no dyeing. There is a fridge, microwave, and sink.

Bring your projects, and your completed projects to hang on the “Tree of Inspiration.”

Take what you want from the Free to “Good Home” yarn (or add to it).

I will provide two large crockpots of chili with fixings and lemonade. Offerings of grazing foods or dog/cat food for donations to a local animal shelter are always gratefully accepted, but not required.

There might even be a door prize or two.

Orchard Ranch RV Park
11250 E Highway 69
Dewey, AZ
(1/4 mile west on 69 from the corner of 69 and Fain Road (Maverick Station))
Turn right into the Park.
The Activity Rooms are on the left. There is parking in the front area as well as to the left after the second speed hump.

Bring your wheels, looms, needles, hooks, bobbins fibers, "free to good home" yarns and such, and join me for a Fantastic Fiber Frivolity III.