[ANS] Bordermarch Autumn Melees

Welcome one and all to BAM - WAR of the Rams November 15,16,17 & 18th At Border Keep, Ansteorra's stone castle. Fighting, Equestrian, Classes, Hafla, Fellowship, Bardic and more. A&S Competition, Kingdom ME Dance Championship, inter Kingdom Scribal Competition!

There is a new War in Ansteorra! In our 36th year of hosting Bordermarch Autumn Melees, We are please to bring you WAR OF THE RAMS!

Saturday we will be roasting 2 goats on an open spit for all to enjoy and partake.

Bordermarch is proud to host:
Ansteorra's Middle Eastern Dance Championship! Saturday night

Inter-Kindom Charter Design Competition with Ansteorra & Gleann Abhann!!

Site opens at Noon on Thursday Closes Sunday at Noon.
Any and all help on Sunday, packing up site and event clean-up will be greatly appreciated. Meet at the BFT Sunday morning to get on a work crew. Thanks!

ACCEPS is OPEN. BAM registration on ACCEPS.

A&S: 2 Arts and Science Populace Choice Contests.
Adult and Children's contest.
Show off your finest single item in a populace vote contest.   Artisan entries should have been created during the last year, and can have been entered in arts contests before. Documentation encouraged, but not required.
Entries received immediately after morning court, voting to begin at 11am till 3pm.
Displays only - accepted on a space available basis.
Contact:  Mstr. Hillary Greenslade (hillaryrg at yahoo dot com)

Baronial Championships:
Now that BAM has become a war, all Baronial Championships have been moved to our Baronial event in the Spring.

Electricity: The 8 available electrical plugs will be sold through ACCEPS.

RV's please see Fees, Land & Electricity for more info.

Fires: Tyler County's BURN BAN : No Burn ban in effect at this time!

BRING YOUR FEAST GEAR to eat at the Taverns.

SCA standard is for everyone to leave an event site cleaner than we found it. Cigarette “butte cans” and "wooden butte boxes" will be around site – smokers please use them- Thanks.

Border Keep’s Site has lost a lot of picnic tables over the last several years – please bring tables and chairs if you wish to insure your table seating.

TRASH: There is a Trash Dumpster at the front crescent. As much trash as you can take to the dumpster is a big help to us. If you are not able to take your trash to the dumpster, please put Trash in plastic bags along the street by 8am Saturday and by 10am Sunday. Trash will be picked-up ONLY on Saturday around 8 and Sunday morning around 10 –  Extra trash bags will be available at gates and at both bath houses.

Parking tag identifiers will be given out at Gate. Please fill these out and leave on your rearview mirror or on your dashboard such that they can be seen and read from the outside- incase you need to be contacted.

PARKING: Parking is in the field behind the camping area. Please move cars & trucks out to the parking area within 3 hours of arriving at site, thank you.