Pennsic Independent Changes Location

The Pennsic Independent will be in at a new location this year.

Heirusalem Crystoma, Publisher of the Independent writes:

Greetings, all! Please forward as you can.

The Pennsic Independent will be at a different location this year! We are no longer in Services Row. Our new location is behind the Once Again Inn, across from the Barn. If you have Urchins, are a merchant, buy single copies or Classified ads, or have other business with us or just like to stop in and say "hi", please note our new location. Moving can be confusing, but we are hoping this will be our permanent location. We are also looking for part time front desk help, Urchins, and freelancers. In addition, I am searching for Master Liam St. Liam. If anyone knows an address where I can reach him, please let me know. Any questions or replies to this message can be sent to

Thank you!

Sarah R. Rogers
AKA Heirusalem Crystoma
Publisher, The Pennsic Independent