Estrella War XXIX Pre Registration is now open

Bannthegn Lisabetta Bartolomea Zanca, Promotions Deputy for Estrella War XXIX, has announced that pre registration for Estrella War XXIX is now open.

Estrella War XXIX Pre Registration is now open!!!
Estrella War XXIX dates have moved to February 26, 2013 through March 4, 2013!
The site remains at:  Schnepf Farm, 24810 S. Rittenhouse Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85242

Preregistration for Estrella War can be accomplished at the web address listed below.

For Additional information regarding Estrella War XXIX please visit the Website. The latest news and events can be found there as well as the form to pre register by usps.

Estrella XXIX held in the Kingdom of Atenveldt, has a new vision; our focus is the embodiment of the the esprit de corps of those who live this dream of yore shared by all who live this dream of yore. Whatever your dream embodies that excites your senses and tantalizes your ancestral soul, Estrella War provides you the means to experience it.

Bannthegn Lisabetta Bartolomea Zanca
Promotions Estrella War XXIX