Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Announces Toll Increase

Pennsic-bound travelers using the turnpike will want to budget for an increase in tolls.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has announced its first toll increase in 13 years. The average increase for passenger cars will be from 4.1 cents per mile to 5.3 cents per mile. The additional revenue will be used for improvements on the road.

On a related note... Toll on Kansas Turnpike

On a related note,

Toll increase scheduled for August

Tolls on the Kansas Turnpike will increase by an average of five percent effective in August.

The toll increase is necessary to maintain a sound financial position while preparing for future capital needs. While the increase in tolls will average five percent, some fares will be more or less than five percent due to rounding.

In the nearly half century history of the Turnpike, there have only been six increases in fares. The last toll increase was also a five percent increase in 2001.

“The Turnpike has always tried to maintain a balance between reasonable tolls and giving customers the best and safest roadway possible,