[OUT] Winter Feast

Lords and Ladies of the Outlands, the Baron and Baroness of Dragonsspine invite you to come enjoy a Winter Feast. There will be a bardic competition during the feast, and the Staff of Dragonsspine's Bard will be passed on to the next Baronial Bard. There will also be a competition for the best winter-themed table, and there will be dancing after feast and court.

Winter Feast
Sponsored by the Barony of Dragonsspine
Saturday, February 2nd , 2013
OPENS: 12 pm      We must be off site by: 8 pm

Sons of Norway, Viking Hall
1045 Ford Street
Colorado Springs, CO. 80915

Autocrat: Cullain mac Bryde

Send reservations & correspondence to:
SCA Dragonsspine, P.O. Box 374
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Phone: (719) 375 -1713     Email: thekingsauldwolf@yahoo.com    

Site Fee: $10, Children 0-6 Free - Feast Fee: $5
Payment of Fees may be done by cheque payable to: SCA: Dragonsspine  
Deadline for Feast Reservation: January 18th
**There is a feast limit of 90.**
Site is wet but alcohol must be purchased at the hall

Directions: Take Exit #139 from either direction of I-25. Head east on Fountain Blvd. to Powers Blvd. Take Powers north to Galley and turn east (right). Go 0.5 mile and turn left onto Ford Street. Parking is available in the front and back, but space is limited. Carpool with your friends for a more fantastic event.