[WES] A German Michaelmas!

Glücklich Festtag! (Happy Feast Day!) The winds of the Arctic are blowing from the North and the season of Harvest is drawing to a close. Join us on Saturday, Oct. 20th, at the GoldStream Community Center near Fairbanks, as Winter’s Gate celebrates the fruits of Harvest with a
feast in the style of Medieval Germany.

The event is focused around the joys of the Germany culture, dancing and period cooking. All helpers of any skill are encouraged to join in the fun of the kitchen.

Her Excellency’s whim is a competition of Preserved Food documentation is encouraged. There will also be an A & S competition of Herbal medicinal teas. Documentation and medieval references should accompany entries.

At Her Excellency's request there will be a Baroness' Champion Tourney open to all fighters who wish to vie for this honor.

Tentative schedule:

11am--site opens; 11:30—heavy list opens, 12 am—heavy armor inspection, 12:30—heavy armour tourney; 1 pm--heavy list opens, 3:30—Preserved Food and medicinal tea entry closes; 3:45—Preserved Food and medicinal tea competition; 6--dinner, after dinner--court.
There will be gluten-free and dairy-free versions available for any applicable dishes. Please contact the Head Cook, Ellisif, so she can
make sure there is enough.
Site Information:

Site is a wet site and is located at the Ken Kunkle Community Center, Goldstream, AK. 99709.


Make your best way onto George Parks Hwy going towards Denali National Park. After approximately 5 miles outside of Fairbanks, turn right onto Sheep Creek Rd. Ext. Go about half a mile and turn left onto Sheep Creek Rd. Travel travel approximately 9 miles. Sheep Creek becomes Goldstream. After Sheep Creek becomes Goldstream, travel approximately 2  miles and Ken Kunkle Community Center is on the right.

$12.00 for adult members
$17.00 for adult non-members
$7.00 for Children 5-15 yrs of age (over 15 regular price)
Children under 5 are free
Family cap of $40.00
ËIf you have anyquestions, please contact Margery or Cemper, the autocra