Canton Repository: Life in the SCA

Staff reporter Edd Pritchard of the Canton Repository got a chance to learn about life in the Middle Ages - and the SCA - when he visited the Marche of Alderford recently.

Shire meetings are not known for being terriby exciting, but when members of the Marche of Alderford learned that Canton Repository reporter Edd Pritchard would be visiting, they put their best armored feet forward. Edd got a glimpse of SCA foot combat, talked to shire members about activities and even got the chance to heft a rapier.

Staff photographer Joy Newcomb was even braver. Joy traveled to Mansfield, OH to attend the Marche of Three Towers' Encampment at the Castle and captured fighters in a melee, boffer-fighting and artisans at work.

The complete story and one of Joy's photos are available online. Registration (no fee) is required to read the full story.