[ART] 1348

The SCA is often referred to as the Middle Ages as we wish it could have been... without religious persecution and the plague.  It's time we brought back the plague!!  Join us for an event to celebrate all of the earth shattering craziness of the premiere knowne world tour of the Black Death.

Many activities throughout the day will entertain, educate and, most importantly, allow the populace the chance to gain points toward seeing who will live and who will fall victim to the Great Death.  Prizes for all who participate, no matter your fate!! 


  • Baronial Arts & Sciences Competition - with an additional prize for an entry with a death, plague or medicinal theme.
  • Entrants must have at least 3 entries in at least 2 grand categories.
  • Additional prizes:
    • Novice Champion
    • Prize for New Art Form:  For an entry in a category that the entrant has not entered before.
    • Prize for 1348:  For the best entry to do with Death, Plague or Medicine in the middle ages.
    • Prize for Best Food Item
    • To enter (or judge!!) contact the Arn Hold Minister of Arts and Sciences. The deadline for entries is October 21. 
  • Baroness's Champion Competition: A set of activities sure to challenge and entertain all comers (and all ages!)
  • Rapier and heavy fighting with cheery, plague-themed scenarios
  • Classes on such cheery topics as:
    • The plague
    • Death in the Middle Ages
    • Medicine in the Middle Ages
  • A lunch potluck - bring something to share!
  • A fundraiser to help ensure your health and long life