[ART] Archery Shoot

On Sunday the 7th of October the Baronies of Gryphon's Lair and Loch Salann will be hosting a combined archery shoot at Mount Ogden Archery. We will be gathering at 10am and ALL ARE WELCOME! There will be a fee of $10 per shooter payable to Mount Ogden Archery.
The current plan is to shoot a royal round, break for lunch, then round out the day by shooting the amazing walking course at Mount Ogden
Archery. Loaner gear will be available for anyone without a bow or arrows. Garb is not required.

Mount Ogden Archery Range - Stoddard UT
Approximately 1257 West Old Highway Rd in Morgan UT - Take your best route to I-84,UT Exit I-84 at exit 96 (Peterson/Stoddard). Follow the signs toward Stoddard - From the West, turn left, then at the 'T', turn right. About a mile down the road you will see the range on your right. Turn right at the MOA gate. There will be signs.

There are 2 possible lunch plans at this moment: there is a cafe in Morgan that makes an amazing pizza that we could patronize, or we could
organize a picnic potluck. If you are interested in taking part on this amazing day of archery please contact Lady Michelle aoe_sunshine@yahoo.com.