[MER] Meridian Grand Tournament

Meridians rally to your Crown, warriors don harness and helm, hoist your banners, put on your best household livery, grab your list tree shield, hold close the honor of your inspiration, and attend. At this illustrious event, we ask all to display their heraldry, banners, and wear their Meridian best to cheer these honored combatants in a full day devoted to heavy combat.

Come contest against the best of the Kingdom in Chivalric Combat! A special, faire-like occasion, a day of good natured, chivalric contests held in a pleasant, period atmosphere, and viewed by a colorful gallery of spectators. Refreshments, both food and drink, will be served to the populous throughout the day.

Meridian Grand Tournament will determine those fighters with the highest prowess, pageantry, and chivalry. This prestigious set of challenges will test the mettle of Meridies’ best in many different styles of fighting sponsored by various Orders. Winners in each style will proceed, with selected others, to meet on the Grand Field to determine the Grand Champion of Meridies. THLord David le Ymagourwill be will be our Reservations Coordinator and Lord Wamba, will be the Pavillion/Salon Coordinator. When sending in your reservation, please also contact the Pavillion/Salon Coordinator with the dimensions for your pavilion, salon or day shade in order to reserve field space by the fighting eric. (Pavilions with a period appearance will be placed on the front row for pageantry).

We encourage participants, consorts, and spectators to bring their best pavilions, banners, and field displays, further we ask that households come bedecked in their finest livery. Recognition will be given for the most period pavilion, best heraldic display, best banners, best garb, and best on-field appearance. We also encourage all to bring displays and projects of artistry and enjoy this day of noble fellowship both on and off the field of battle. We hope to have several salons set up by the Laurels where A&S projects any artisans may be displayed and/or taught. An additional pavilion will also be made available for those members of the populace without their own shade.

In Chivalric fashion, all fighters are encouraged to bear a token of the gentle that inspires them to great deeds of arms. All Ladies are encouraged to bring a token and present it to a warrior to inspire them for the day. Fighters please bring your list tree shields so that all may know and honor those that contest on this field of valor. (List Tree shield should be in the area of 12x14 and should display your device.)

We invite all members of the populace to join our Celebration at the end of the day. A light buffet sponsored by the Order of the Bough will be served for your refreshment. We will also have entertainment including dancing, singing, and games. The Celebration Coordinator is Sir Caius, please contact him if you would like to assist.

Entertainment will be provided during the day as the tourneys are being changed out and at the celebration. If you would be interested in entertaining, please contact the Celebration Coordinator.

Just a few things to note:

    1 - this does NOT take the place of registration for the site
    2 - you MUST still check in the day of the tourney - however, your card will be already completed and can then be entered into the tourney.
    3 - if you have not signed up for the tourneys on-line, you may still sign up at MGT, and the list mistress will fill your card out at that time.
    4 - pairings for the tourney will still be done on-site - pre-registering will not change that.

The Order of the Velvet Owl will award a prize to the fighter they decide, by concensus, to have the best and most historically accurate appearance ( based on kit, entourage, pavilion, etc) at the end of the day, as judged by the members of the order who are present.

Sponsorship in not required to participate in the tournaments, all authorized fighters are welcome to fight. The Tournaments are sponsored by the Orders, meaning during the time of their tournament, those Orders are providing staff for their tournament, the prizes and scrolls for their tournament, and refreshments for the populace to be served during their tournament.

Adult:     $12
Child (6 to 10): $6

Adult:     $20
Child (6 to 10): $10

Children under 6 are free.

Non-members add $5.
Please note that in accordance with Kingdom Law, no family shall pay higher than three adult member prices for admission to an event as long as the children are all under 15 and have memberships.
Make checks payable to: SCA-TN. Inc., Shire of Rising Stone


Site rules

        No Ground Fires, Site Firepit ONLY.

        Field pavilion reservations will remain open until September 24th.

        To reserve pavilion space you MUST be pre-reserved for the event.

        Only period pavilions with no back wall will be placed in the front row around the field.

        Rectangular or oblong pavilions will be placed sideways so the narrow side faces the field.


        Friday Night Travelers Fare:
        8:00 pm Pasta

        Saturday Breakfast:
        6:30 am till 8:30 am

        All Day Saturday:
        Servers will wander the crowds offering tasty treats and beverages during each tournament.

        Fundraiser Lunch:
        In order to further the honor and chivalry of all the participants, and to raise additional proceeds for the women's shelter chosen by the winner of their tournament, The Order of the Chalice will be providing a fundraiser lunch. All monies will be donated along with the entry fees.

        Saturday Night: Light appetizers will be served buffet style during the celebration.

        If you would like to help provide some of the entertainment for the evening Celebration or before Court, please contact Sir Caius.

        Sunday Breakfast:
        Coffee and Donuts from 7:30 - 9:00


        MGT Autocrat Baroness Bianca the Inquisitive
        MGT Marshall In-Charge Duke Caspar
        MGT Food Coordinator Baroness Marie
        MGT Reservations Coordinator David le Ymagour
        Field Pavillion/Salon Coordinator Lord Wamba
        MGT Herald Coordinator Lord Guntram
        MGT Celebration Coordinator Sir Caius
        MGT Children's Activities Mistress Magdalena da Parma

    Site Address:

        Woodsmen of the World, Camp Royal
        414 WOW Road, Blountsville, AL 35031


        From I-59: Take exit 166 onto US-231/AL-53 North. Go 14 miles to AL-75 in Oneonta. Turn right onto AL-75. Go approximately 11 miles and turn left onto Co. Rd. 34/Susan Moore Road (gas station at intersection). Camp WOW will be 3.6 miles on right.

        From I-65: Take exit 308 in Cullman. Go east on US-278/AL-74 for about 30 miles. Turn right onto AL-75. Go approximately 2 miles
        and turn right onto Co. Rd. 34/Susan Moore Road (gas station at intersection). Camp WOW will be 3.6 miles on right.