[GLE] Diamond Wars 2012

Be it known, the Bladerunners have stolen Zark's treasure and it is being held within the Barony of Small Gray Bear. A call for calvary has been issued to help defend against this fearsome dragon. Remember, before thinking this is only the Barony's troubles, the land borders both Gleann Abhann and Calontir... if left unchecked will Zark turn his eyes to the North?
Diamond Wars 2012
History Repeats : Zark Strikes Back

October 11th-14th, 2012 at Camp Cedar Valley
Boy Scout Road, Viola, AR 72583 (LAT: 36.374608, LON: -92.007263)

At an event long, long ago there lived a dragon named Zark. Zark was fierce, Zark was canny, and Zark despised the Barony of Small Gray Bear. A few weeks ago the malicious Bladerunners dared to enter Zark’s lair and stole his beloved treasure. They have hidden the treasure within the confines of the Barony knowing that the dragon will come looking for it... Join us as we bring back the old favorites; Zark, a country ball, a desert contest, and many more.

Directions: Take your best route to Viola, AR. From USA 412/62, travel south on AR 223 for 1.7 miles. Turn right on Flora Cemetery Road and travel 1 mile to camp entrance on the left.

$20 for Thusday or Friday arrival.
$16 for Saturday arrival.
-$2 if reserved before Friday, September 14th

Children ages 6-12 are half price.
Children age 5 and under are free.
Add $5 for Non-Members.

All foor will be sold separately in the Tavern.
Tenting only.

Illonka Levente    Lady Ariel Bailey

Make checks payable and mail reservations to:
SCA Inc, Barony of Small Gray Bear
P.O. Box 21636 Little Rock, AR 72221
Attn: Diamond Wars

Cash ONLY at the door.

Presented by the Barony of Small Gray Bear
Per Kingdom law, “No family shall pay a site fee higher than three (3) adult member prices for admission to an event as long as they are all members. This may or may not include bed and/or feast spaces for more than those covered by the three (3) paid adult member prices at the hosting group’s discretion. Family is defined as custodial adults plus legal dependents. Proof of immediate family relations and age may be required.” Also per Kingdom Law, children that do not come with their legal guardian MUST have the notarized Designated Adult forms (available at the Kingdom Website).

Good news, everyone! Diamond Wars ONLINE RESERVATIONS via ACCEPS is now available. The early bird discount is set to expire on September 14th, but if you register through ACCEPS you can get the discounted price until the end of September.

To reserve online for Diamond Wars use the following link: acceps.ansteorra.org